What things should you keep in mind while restoring your mobile?

Some people say that restoring your mobile is a very good step because when you feel that your phone has become very slow when you use gallery or use YouTube or any game you play. There are many people who keep restoring their phones again and again because they do not know why their phone has become so slow because they have downloaded so many applications on their phones. Now at notification it also happens that those people have kept so much in their phone due to which their phone becomes very slow and the notification keeps coming on the phone again and again that your phone is about to be restored. It will never happen again that your phone will suddenly get restored because it never happens. Earlier it used to be that if you had a small phone which had a lot of RAM and less storage, then if you stored too much of your files in it, it would suddenly get restored. With the passage of time many things have changed, now the latest smartphones have arrived. Now as soon as your phone’s memory is full, you get a notification in advance that your phone is full and you make arrangements in advance.

How many times a month should you restore your phone?

Many people also think that they should restore their phone once a month, only after that their phone will work properly. This is not true. Look, you can restore your phone once in a year or do it 10 times in a month. Whenever you restore your phone once, your phone becomes as new as if you had just bought it. Now there are many such things in your phone like someone has called you or I have called someone, your messages from the roof of WhatsApp, so much of your memories are added to your phone and when you restore it, it will be there. So whenever you think whether you should restore your phone or not or how many times a month you should do it, then keep this thing in your mind.

Does restoring increase your phone’s memory?

There are some people who think that if they restore their phone then the memory of their phone increases but this is not true. Because the storage of your phone remains the same because there is money somewhere that your phone’s gallery gets full or you have kept your movies or you have kept your dramas or you have filled your phone through applications .After that, as soon as you restore your phone, your phone gets a new shape, a new one opens, now everything that is stored in your phone gets deleted and .As far as it is concerned, neither your phone hangs nor your phone stops working, it works very well. Then you think that your phone’s storage has increased but in reality your phone’s storage does not increase. When the phone is restored, everything on the phone automatically gets lost. Because when there is nothing in your phone then your phone will run very fast.

There are some points that you have to keep in mind while restoring your mobile

First of all, when you are restoring your phone, see how many contacts you have in your phone, some files, some photos, some videos, be it your wedding photos or some such documents. Whenever you Then you remember that there were so many videos and photos of mine. Because when your phone is working very slow, you do not know that you are going to restore your phone now, you do not think how much important data is there in your phone, you restore your phone for free. Somewhere the money is there that you have not even taken a backup and you have restored your phone and lost all your data. That’s the point you should keep in your pocket if you’re going to restore your phone.

Does restore affect your phone?

If you restore your phone again and again then it will not have any effect on your phone. But every time you restore your phone, you have to reinstall all your applications which you were using regularly and do the entire setup again.


Whenever you have to restore your phone, you have to keep all these things in your mind that you are going to restore your phone, how much valuable information is there in your phone, where will you get your data from, after that you will restore it and the same. Restoring is a good step but you should keep all these things in mind while restoring.

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