TikTok launches new Creator Rewards Beta Program 2024

TikTok, the globally popular short-video platform, recently announced significant revisions to its Creativity Program, now rebranded as the Creator Rewards Program. The platform’s initiative aims to encourage original and high-quality content creation while providing monetary rewards to deserving creators.

A Breakdown of the New Program

The Creator Rewards Program is designed to continue promoting genuine, superior-class content on the platform. However, the updated program now uses an optimized rewards formula based on four key factors:

Originality: The uniqueness and innovation of the content are considered.

Play Duration: The length of the video and audience watch duration are taken into account.

Search Value: The potential of the content to appear in relevant searches is evaluated.

Audience Engagement: The interaction and feedback from the audience are examined.

Interestingly, the newly introduced formula will also automatically reward creators based on their account’s ad value, which is determined by their community’s ad watch time.

Enhanced Dashboard for Analytics and Data

TikTok also launched improvements to the dashboard to provide creators with updated analytics and data. This upgrade allows for more in-depth analysis of content performance, estimated rewards, qualified views, and program eligibility.

The updated dashboard features dedicated pages for each video, providing information about RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) and qualified video views. This enhancement will enable creators to track their performance effectively and strategize their content accordingly.

Payout Details and Eligibility Criteria

In addition to the above improvements, the platform also allows creators to access their previous payout records. This feature will help creators maintain a reliable record of their earnings, both past and expected.

However, not everyone qualifies for the rewards offered by this program. To be eligible, creators must:

Be at least 18 years old

Have at least 10,000 followers

Get at least 100,000 views in the previous thirty days.

possess an active personal account where the programme is offered.


The introduction of the revamped Creator Rewards Program signifies TikTok’s commitment to nurturing creativity and originality on the platform. By providing monetary incentives and comprehensive performance analytics, the platform is empowering creators to continuously improve their content and enhance their audience engagement.

However, as the eligibility criteria suggest, the rewards are primarily targeted at already popular creators. It will be interesting to see if TikTok introduces similar initiatives for budding creators in the future.

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