Is Possible That Can You Earn Money by Working On Apps – Guide

Earning money from home by working online under one roof has become everyone’s dream. Nowadays people have become so lazy that they want to earn money without working. Because with the passage of time there were earlier people who worked 24 hours but they didn’t have any problem. Although their work was also very difficult, but in today’s reception, everyone wishes that I can do less and earn a lot of money. Now when such people go around and search anywhere that work is less and money is more, they come across various applications. Currently there are many people who go and download applications and then work on them, but when it comes to getting paid, they don’t even get 1 rupee. Then they go to Play Store and search for applications from everywhere. Where they find applications suitable for their work, they start working on it again, whether they play games, watch videos or watch videos. If we see Allah, you can’t earn much from all these apps, if you can, you can earn only three percent. And you don’t get that either, you are only shown dreams that you will get return today and return tomorrow, but you don’t get return. Actually, they have placed their ads, they are earning themselves and you are wasting your time there.

Is it possible that you can earn money by working on an application?

If we talk about the time, these days there are many apps that claim that if you work on them, you can earn good amount of money daily. With every new day there are many new applications in the market, there are many apps where you are asked to invest again and again, even if you invest there all your money is physical. Changes in shape. In fact, all these apps are wasting your time. Because they have different types of plans, you have to take one and then you are given a small amount in it, you don’t have to get that either. For example, if you have taken a plan of ₹100, now you will be credited with ₹3, now within 10 days you will get ₹30, after which your account will be blocked. All the people working there get their accounts blocked and after a few days that platform shuts down.

Nowadays there are apps where you are not asked to invest money on it, rather you are given various tasks to do, you fulfill this principle. For example, you play this game, you watch this video, you do this, you do that, you are given different types of tasks. There are many boys, there are many boys who complain well if they are told to play a game and complete every level of the game well. If she is asked to watch videos, she watches all kinds of videos. But what happens to them is that when it comes to getting money, they get nothing. Then they go and start looking for apps, though they must first learn how much time they’ve wasted. There are many such apps where you are told that if you complete this task you will become rich, you will get money, do this, do that, but sir, actually it is a waste of your time. .

Can’t make money from applications?

Now this is a question that is often asked and people want to know about it every day because every day they are looking for something that they can earn by doing a little bit of work. Because now there are many students who want me to have a small earning app so that I can complete some tasks and earn money daily. So he will go to play store and try different kinds of apps but never get even ₹1. As there are different types of apps on Play Store, each app is designed in such a way that every user who sees it for the first time thinks that it is completely genuine and I can earn money by working on it. But actually you are wasting your time there too. As far as the matter is concerned, you can’t earn money from the application because 99% of all applications give you different types of tricks and so much work that you can earn ₹ 200 in a month. . Now you are not even sure if you will get this money or not because the tasks inside the applications are very difficult, now you don’t even know if it is trusted or not.

There are many people who are impressed by its downloads that many people work on it but in reality the downloads of the application are very high. But its active users are very few. Because whoever opens it for the first time will work on it and if they don’t get money, they will uninstall it. But the same number on Play Store is the number of times it has been downloaded and the number of people who have rated it. There are many guys who see the same thing and open the app on their phone, but in reality she is not a giver. I am not saying that any app is wrong, I am saying a truth that I liked in real life. And 90% of the time, here you are asked to invest somewhere and you are faced with a lot of tasks that you can never complete.

Should you invest in any application to make money?

I want to tell you that if you want to enter the online world, if you want to make money online from home. You confirmed that I will only work online in the sentence that I want to earn a lot of money by working online. I will advise you that if you have ever come across any earning app in the online world which claims that you will spend so much money on it then you will get so much money daily. See, if you invest ₹ 1000 or ₹ 10000, you can invest as much money as you want, but the trouble is that you don’t get anything there. There are many people who cheat people and take money from them. After some time that platform gets closed so we just smile to you that you should stay away from such work. Because there you are cheated very lovingly, if you invest 1000 rupees there you get 10 rupees every day for 10 days. Now you think I am withdrawing Rs 10 less per day but actually you don’t know that after 10 days your account gets blocked. So you should stay away from these things.


Nowadays, every student, every girl, every boy wants to find an app that I can work on and earn lots of money. So today you got to know about it and learned that if you have to work on any application then what you should do properly and if you are not able to do your work then why not? If you had to invest in any app, where would you do it? You are well guided here, hope you enjoyed my talk.

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