How To Join WhatsApp Beta 2023

Beta Program You may have seen in many apps like other apps running on Android now WhatsApp also has a beta program within WhatsApp. WhatsApp makes stable updates after feedback from developers as well as beta testers. This means you get to see a lot of new things within WhatsApp, you get the latest features faster than regular users and new features get released, but also with bugs. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced multi-device service for select beta users who are beta users of WhatsApp. This is a regular feature before the release of any stable update when running within WhatsApp. If you want to be the first to know what is the WhatsApp beta program and what are its benefits and want to show your friends the latest updates and join the WhatsApp beta program, then this article is perfect for you. Is.

How can I join the WhatsApp beta tester?

Beta tester programs are limited and not everyone can become a beta tester, which means you can say that it’s not for everyone because the slots are not that many. The slots have been vacant for some time. If you are lucky, or want to see what features are inside the WhatsApp beta program, you can register to join the WhatsApp beta test program and create your account easily.

Let’s talk about the WhatsApp beta program, how you can benefit from this service, how you can join and become an official beta testing user of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is not an application that is autonomous, however the app receives updates in the early stages.

The beta is now available on iPhone and Android, meaning you can watch it on iPhone and Android, and anyone can test out this new feature, as long as you have an iPhone. Pass is an Android phone that lets users connect up to four other devices to your phone or tablet without connecting to (or near) the Internet.

You will need a phone if you already have a phone but there is no way to use WhatsApp without a phone. and you will need to scan the QR code displayed on the linked device using your phone which is a QR code inside the linked device. Once set up, your phone will not need an internet connection when you have a complete setup. And you will still be able to send and receive messages up that means you can use WhatsApp completely, this is a great feature of Watersaheb which users like a lot. Whether your phone runs out of battery or your phone turns off completely

Here we talk to you without discussing how you can do it, here are the main limitations:

  • It is still not possible to use multiple phones using your account at the same time i.e. using the whatsapp your account at the same time.
  • Live location cannot be viewed on any companion (connected) devices
  • It is not possible to join or view group invitations that are sent to the group from your companion devices.
  • Linked devices will not be able to talk to people who are linked. Those who use “very old” versions of WhatsApp There are many people who use old versions of WhatsApp.
  • It is not possible to make a call on a device linked to WhatsApp Desktop, which means that it is not possible to make a call on a device linked to WhatsApp Desktop. who is not an active participant in the multi-device beta.

This is a test of the new version of WhatsApp available for web, desktop and the Facebook portal which happens to be Facebook. The app does not allow you to transfer messages between devices meaning that you cannot transfer messages, which is frustrating for many users.

If you have an Android phone you can beta test on Android

  • Inside WhatsApp, tap More options (three horizontal dots)
  • Tap Linked Devices. NOW you click on the link device. You can see an alert popup informing users about this new feature. If you see it, just tap Yes.
  • To join the beta, click on Multi-Device Beta. The process is very easy. You can do it easily. You just click on Multi-Devices, and follow the steps.

If you don’t see multi-device beta or you don’t have multi-device option in your phone then there are two reasons behind it, either you are not using the latest version of WhatsApp which WhatsApp has the latest official version or the feature is currently not available for your region. However, now this feature is running worldwide, you can use the WhatsApp beta program anywhere in the world.


Now you will be told how to join the beta on iPhone

Within WhatsApp, tap Settings (bottom right of the primary screen) Tap Connected devices. You may see an alert pop-up that lets you know about new features. New facility. If you see it then just tap on yes you just need to type yes and then you can join.

Tap on Multi-Device Beta

Click on the blue Join Beta button below. This button will show up there, and you will be shown a message. You will need to re-link all your other devices after joining.

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