How To Get Notification When Someone is Online On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a messaging app that has a huge number of users. People mostly like to use WhatsApp because the interface of WhatsApp is very friendly and very easy to use.Call and many other things can be done easily.Often we need it.On WhatsApp you can talk to anyone.By the way, you have many people on WhatsApp and all your friends are on WhatsApp. But there is someone who talks to you who waits for you to go online and offline, when he turns on WhatsApp and when he turns off, you keep looking at the phone, my friend. Whether they are on WhatsApp or not, it sometimes happens that you are offline on WhatsApp and your friend is online on WhatsApp, then you want to know that my friend is online on WhatsApp.

WATtracker is a last seen checker and online status tracker for WhatsApp Messenger

Sometimes you think that what kind of friend my friend is, what does he do on WhatsApp apart from me, because you don’t know when he is online on WhatsApp. offline sometimes you sleep or go somewhere market your net is offline so what can you do in that case Watt Tracker – Whatsapp Tracker is one of the high quality and very good and versatile mobile apps. It allows you to see your WhatsApp last seen activity which is the last seen of any mobile number i.e. when your friend went offline on WhatsApp last time and monitor the activity status. Allows you to check when your friend goes offline on WhatsApp even if he has disabled these options i.e. if he has made any settings that if you WhatsApp If you use it, you can’t see on your normal WhatsApp whether he is on or off on WhatsApp, even if he is on, you can find out about him.

The best thing about this WhatsApp tracker is that it can also record the last seen and online activity status of when your friend turned on and off WhatsApp. If your kids use WhatsApp and you feel like your kids talk to someone or do any activity on WhatsApp then this is a good thing for you. Bhoshar is one of the apps who want to keep track of their kids or who want to track the activity status of any mobile number or if you talk to someone and you feel like they are cheating on you. It has been and you want to see it all.

You can find out when they turned off their WhatsApp last time and by accessing all activity status you can see the total time spent on their WhatsApp whether your friend or What is the activity of your child or whoever you have added number to? It allows you to see if they were online on WhatsApp and how long they have been active on the platform. They may not be able to tell you who they were talking to or who they chatted with and with whom, but you will get an idea of ​​how long they were online and how much time they spent online. He was offline for a long time and at what time he checked WhatsApp. When did they turn off WhatsApp, their last seen and online activity status you can see very clearly, you will see everything in the form of analytics. This will make it easy for you to track all their activity easily whatever number you have added to it.

WaStat can:

★ Whatsapp Online Status and Whatsapp Offline Status

★ You will be shown all the time intervals here in an easy cart view

★ Perfect your Help And collect and analyze online static for the last thirty days.

★ 10Up can monitor up to 10 files with its help

★ You will get notifications as soon as that person goes online on WhatsApp and will go offline on WhatsApp

★ Support is provided to you in very minimum duration

The best app to track whatsapp offline status

If you are trying to control the time spent on online messenger on any social media or thinking of doing something like that? Or maybe you are a parent and you want to take care of your kids you don’t want your kids to waste time without realizing then maybe this whatsapp tracker is very useful for your needs this time tracker You can monitor all your WhatsApp activities in WhatsApp Messenger and easily display it in the clock view and you can see a very good report. You can also view all activity and status statistics for the last 30 days in charts. WaStat is the best assistant for Wasap last seen online.

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