How to check WhatsApp chat history of others?

WhatsApp is a messaging app that has a lot of features within WhatsApp which is why WhatsApp is used by so many people that it has more than a billion active users. And for a good reason: Well, there are many messaging apps out there, but this is one of the most popular messaging apps out there. There are many features within WhatsApp but what many people don’t know is that WhatsApp also offers the ability to view the chat history of others.

This means that your friends who use WhatsApp can see everything your friends say, no matter who they are, including the content of their messages and even the photos they share. You can have a look at all of them, you want to use WhatsApp for ? If not, then you need to take some precautions to protect yourself because if you use WhatsApp then you need a lot of security while using WhatsApp. Here are some great tips to help keep your chat history anonymous:

How We Can Check Others WhatsApp Chat History

WhatsApp is a messaging app and the interface of WhatsApp is a friendly one that allows users to share with everyone by sending and receiving texts, photos and videos for free. WhatsApp also allows its users to chat and keep track of their chat history, which is a very cool feature of WhatsApp. Users can access their chat history by going to their profile page, clicking on the three lines in the top left corner that means you have to click on the option, and selecting “Htory”. And here From WhatsApp users can view their WhatsApp chat history

See someone else’s chat history The process is very easy, you first need to add that person as a contact on your phone, that is, whoever you are in contact with each other on WhatsApp. Once they’re added as a contact, you’ll see their name on your screen next to “Co” tacts “o” wherever you see your name when you open your chat. To view a contact’s chat history, you must first open WhatsApp, after opening WhatsApp, click on the three lines in the upper left corner, you will see three lines. Then, select the “Hi” story. Y” Then You will be able to easily view all whatsapp chats sent chat or received chat ( photos,videos,chat,documents, ) between you and that contact.

Alternatives to Check Others’ WhatsApp Chat History

WhatsApp is a messaging app and the number of users of WhatsApp is now very high with more than one billion active users and many people prefer to use WhatsApp. It’s perfect for cross-platform functionality and ease of use. Users find it very easy to use WhatsApp as its interface is simple. But there are some concerns about the privacy policy of WhaWhatsApp that you should also know.

One problem is that WhatsApp keeps a history of your chats if you have many chats on WhatsApp with anyone you talk to on WhatsApp, even if you disable the chat history feature on your device. All your chats are with WhatsApp.

There are two ways to avoid this: either disable chat history altogether so you can avoid it, or keep a history of the messages you send and receive yourself. Disabling chat history also limits the usefulness of your other whatsapp features like one group chats and 2nd live streaming.

If you want to limit your chat history to all the people you talk to on WhatsApp as much as your WhatsApp chat history, open WhatsApp App and go to Settings menu (then you see three lines at the top right of the whatsapp)


WhatsApp is a messaging app and WhatsApp is a great secure application, WhatsApp is now used by every person and has become a necessity for every person. Which has gained popularity rapidly in recent years and now the number of people using WhatsApp has become so much that everyone sees and uses WhatsApp. It provides many features allowing users to interact with each other without having to be in the right place. Chat history is one of the best feature in whatsapp that makes stand out from other messaging apps. This guide will show you and let you know how to check chat history of others on WhatsApp.

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