How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for professionals, boasting a user base of 875 million users. With 52 million users searching for jobs on the platform every week, it’s clear that networking plays a crucial role on LinkedIn. But what if you’re looking for someone’s phone number on LinkedIn? Is it possible? In this article, we’ll explore different methods to find someone’s phone number from LinkedIn.

Consider approaching them directly

If you’re unable to find someone’s phone number on their LinkedIn profile, one option is to approach them directly. Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, reaching out to someone for their phone number can be done in a professional manner. Although finding their phone number on their profile would have made the process easier, it’s worth asking them directly for the information you need.

Tools from third parties to find phone numbers that are effective for LinkedIn

If direct communication doesn’t yield the desired results, there are third-party phone number finder tools that can help you expand your search beyond LinkedIn. These tools are designed to extract contact details, including phone numbers, from social media platforms. Let’s explore two such tools that are known to work well with LinkedIn.


EasyLeadz is a comprehensive platform that offers various tools for scaling businesses with quality leads. One of their tools, Mr. E, is specifically designed for lead generation on LinkedIn. With Mr. E, you can extract the phone number of any LinkedIn user. If you’re unsure about committing to a subscription, EasyLeadz also offers a trial pack for one-time customers.


Another excellent tool for finding contact details on LinkedIn is Lusha. While Lusha primarily focuses on fueling your sales pipeline with qualified prospects, their highly-integrated API can also provide accurate results for one-time needs. Whether you’re looking for someone’s phone number or email address, Lusha can help. Their services come highly recommended, so it’s definitely worth checking them out.

How can I check to see whether a contact in your phone book is on LinkedIn?

In addition to finding someone’s phone number on LinkedIn, the platform also allows you to find people from your phonebook who are on LinkedIn. This feature makes it convenient to connect with your existing contacts on the platform. Let’s explore how you can find people from your phonebook on LinkedIn.

Launch the web browser of your PC or smartphone and go to the LinkedIn website.

Log into your LinkedIn account if you haven’t already.

On the home page, you’ll find a search bar located towards the top right side of the page. Click on it.

Towards the left of the search bar, you’ll see six different icons. The second one from the left has two black silhouettes as its icon, with “My Network” written below it. Click on it.

You’ll be taken to your pending invitations. On the right side, you’ll find a section called “Manage my network” with multiple options listed below it. Click on “Connections”.

You’ll see your entire connections list with a search bar and various sorting filters at the top. Look towards the right, and you’ll find an “Add Personal Contacts” section.

Right on top of this section, you’ll see a hyperlinked option: “Manage synced and imported contacts”. Click on it.

A list of all your phone contacts will appear. If any of these contacts have registered for a LinkedIn account using the same phone number, you’ll be able to follow their profile as well. The list can be sorted chronologically or alphabetically, making it easier to find specific individuals.

By following these steps, you can easily find people from your phonebook who are on LinkedIn, allowing you to connect with them directly on the platform.

In conclusion, finding someone’s phone number from LinkedIn can be a straightforward process if the person has made their contact information visible on their profile. However, if the phone number is not listed or you’re unable to find it, you can consider approaching them directly or using third-party phone number finder tools like EasyLeadz or Lusha. Additionally, LinkedIn offers a feature that allows you to find people from your phonebook who are on the platform, making it easier to connect with your existing contacts.

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